Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an event?

To book for an event, you need to go to the event page and follow the steps. If available, you can book for friends too.

Can I book an event outside my age range?

Events have upper limits, to ensure that everyone feels comfortable. If your age is over the upper limit, you may feel left out. Those people who are interested in people older than themselves, may sign up to an event aimed at an older age group.

We may make an occasional exception if you are very close to the described age limit, if the majority of guests are in the described age group.

Why do the event prices keep changing?

We use dynamic pricing to encourage people to book early. Discounted tickets if available are limited so won’t last long. If available, tickets on the day of an event will be more expensive, and we never offer last minute discounts, so please don’t ask

Can I pay on the door?

Occasionally there may be spaces available on the door but these will be at the full event price to encourage earlier booking.

We ask all guests to book early because it allows us to manage the event better in terms of arranging staff, and managing the male:female ratio. Booking early also attracts more people to the event because we may choose to send a guest list to our members.

Can I get a refund if I can no longer attend an event?

In general, if you give us at least 24 hours notice and have paid £15 or more, we will be able to transfer you to another event, but this is entirely at our discretion. We are unable to provide refunds if you cannot attend an event.

What Happens at the events?

The events are always held at quality venues, and by using friendly hosts, we create an atmosphere similar to a friend’s party.

The majority of the events are relaxed drinks parties and we provide fun activities for guests to meet. We may also provide speed dating as an option at the events, where you may meet seven or so people over a half hour period before re-joining the main event. Ensure you register for speed dating upon arrival as places may be limited.

What is the dress code?

Dress code is smart/casual e.g. shirt and trousers for men, or work suits. First impressions count, so it’s worth making the extra effort. Smart jeans are fine but we do not allow trainers, t-shirts or sportswear

Please note that a few of our events have a stricter dress code – for example our Balls – but this will be clearly mentioned on the website. If you do not pay attention to the dress code we may not be able to allow you attend and your ticket will be voided.

Will the music be loud?

We believe that guests are primarily coming to our events to talk to each other. The music volume is always carefully controlled so you won’t have to shout in someone’s ear to be heard. We may arrange for a DJ or a band but this will generally be for the later portion of the event, and in a dedicated area.

Will I feel out of place coming on my own?

Absolutely not! Over half of our guests come on their own and the ice breakers will make sure that you feel comfortable and start meeting new people as quickly as possible. In fact, many of the people who come on their own often have more fun than those who arrive in groups, as they have no excuse not to meet to new people!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes of course. You use the book a friend option on the website as long as they fit the criteria for the event and tickets are still available.

Will there be food?

In general we do not provide food, as we think it’s more important to keep the ticket price as low as possible.

What time shall I arrive?

We also recommend arriving early; within 30 minutes of the advertised start, so you can take part in all the activities. If you wish to do speed dating it’s important that you put your name down early or you might miss out.

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